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SMS is the most immediate, compelling, and cost-effective client communication accessible. Did you know that 90 percent of messages being read within the first three minutes? Our online Bulk SMS Service delivers unparalleled scalability and reaches for large organizations all over the globe! Regardless of click and collect reminders or sending bulk promotional code campaigns, our real-time Bulk SMS Service inclinations will enable you to deliver a personalized experience.

Promotional SMS Service

Bulk SMS Service

SMS messaging has become the next big thing in communication medium from the last five years in a row. From a marketing perspective, business SMS still relatively has high readership and is spam-free. No wonder that for many successful organizations business SMS is an integral part of their marketing strategy.

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Promotional SMS Service

Bulk Email Service

Bulk email is one of the exciting cost-effective ways to build a relationship with your contact list. Our customized bulk email marketing service sends your target audience useful, and informative email sms, so they pay attention. To develop your business, you need bulk email marketing services & too within your budget.

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Promotional SMS Service

IVR Services

By selecting the open-source provider, you can easily set up an IVR system without any hassle. We have a wide array of hosted IVR packages and manages all technical upgrades for our clients. Our hosted services are highly customizable and can be adjusted precisely to the client’s business services and requirements.

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Promotional SMS Service

Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS empowers businesses to achieve instant two-way communication via mobile devices. With 97% read and delivery rate, SMS has gained recognition proving as one of the most effective communication way. Its payment reminders an immensely popular and cost-effective method of communication.

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Promotional SMS Service

Promotional SMS Service

The business world is dynamic and is always an experience ever-growing competition. It is now needed for an hour to have effective marketing strategies in place which deliver competitive advantage. At the same time, the boost in the telecommunication industry and the advent of mobile age offers you wider target audience.

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Promotional SMS Service

Bulk SMS Gateway ( API )

SMS API application acts as server/gateway/interface. The user only needs to sign in as website user & update his or her mobile number on it. Further, they can opt for many updates they are interested in receiving. Once SMS API sets up & a long list of users will start receiving targeted messages at once.

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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi

We offer a stable, secure, and reliable messaging platform, which can be scaled to deliver bulk SMS a second. Find out about SMS platform with the guaranteed mobile network premium routes using the direct connections to give unmatched delivery speed. Integrate your internal system or CRM with our email or API gateway to SMS solution to develop and deploy notifications, reminders, and alerts. With a schedule, SMS marketing messages and 99.99 percent up-time automate based on processes, customer orders, and behaviours and more.

SMS Marketing Company in India

With SMSDukaan get your message across the globe. Use all or any of our SMS messaging solutions whenever you necessitate. Using our platform, you can quickly send an essential and short SMS locally or worldwide. You can conveniently send promotional bulk sms or transactional messages like SMS alert and one-time passcode from your sales desk or CRM. You can always look at our case studies and testimonials to see how our customers are using our SMS gateway.

SMSDukaan is the trusted mobile communication platform to leading businesses and brands in the country, delivering real-time millions of messages. Our SMS gateway and platform are best in class with exceptional features such as reporting, surveys, and SMS gateways. We are also one of the most versatile and fastest SMS API available with advanced account management functionality.

Send or schedule personalized SMS to individual or a broad set of people online. To receive the inbound messages from the clients set up the short SMS numbers or integrate with our Bulk SMS Service without compromising on your budget. To improve the efficiency of the process and automate customer interactions by using messaging. We provide customized solutions for contact uploads, bulk send, and transferring data. SMSDukaan is the personalized and flexible service that you can rely upon to develop, deliver, and manage your bulk SMS campaigns. This service is powered by one of the most efficient and admired messaging platforms, which is given by our in-house team of industry specialists.

Our Pricing Plans

1000 SMS

Rs 330 /

  • SMS Rate 28 Paisa
    Package Cost 280 Rs
    GST 18% 50 Rs

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2000 SMS

Rs 637 /

  • SMS Rate 27 Paisa
    Package Cost 540 Rs
    GST 18% 97 Rs

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3000 SMS

Rs 920 /

  • SMS Rate 26 Paisa
    Package Cost 780 Rs
    GST 18% 140 Rs

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5000 SMS

1416 /

  • SMS Rate 24 Paisa
    Package Cost 1200 Rs
    GST 18% 216 Rs

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10000 SMS

Rs 2310 /

  • SMS Rate 20 Paisa
    Package Cost 2000 Rs
    GST 18% 310 Rs

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15000 SMS

Rs 3186 /

  • SMS Rate 18 Paisa
    Package Cost 2700 Rs
    GST 18% 486 Rs

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25000 SMS

Rs 4720 /

  • SMS Rate 16 Paisa
    Package Cost 4000 Rs
    GST 18% 720 Rs

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50000 SMS

Rs 8260 /

  • SMS Rate 14 Paisa
    Package Cost 7000 Rs
    GST 18% 1260 Rs

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Monthly IVR

Rs 1500 /

  • Unlimited Calls
    Call Tracking
    No Call Drop.

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Quarterly IVR

Rs 3999 /

  • Unlimited Calls
    Call Tracking
    No Call Drop.

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Half Year IVR

Rs 7999 /

  • Unlimited Calls
    Call Tracking
    No Call Drop.

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Year IVR

Rs 1499 /

  • Unlimited Calls
    Call Tracking
    No Call Drop.

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Frequently Asked Question

Why We need Bulk SMS service ?

Bulk sms is the top and cost effective marketing service, by using this service user can easily reach their targeted audience. Bulk sms service is the fastest way to generate business leads.

How does bulk SMS work in India?

Bulk SMS is divided into two types that is one promotional and second is transactional messages. In promotional sms user can send only promotional in nature like advertisements, offers, discounts etc. In transactional sms user can send informational sms like OTP’s, bank alerts and more.

How can bulk SMS service help improve a business?

Bulk SMS is the fastest way of communication channel. Bulk SMS marketing is a process of sending large number of text messages to a number of mobile Users for advertising, promoting and to improve communication between customer and seller.

What are the features of BULK SMS?

Bulk SMS service is the best marketing solutions that are available in the market at very cheapest price. User can create awareness about your brand, product or any offer in a second with a single click by sending bulk sms ,SMS Dukaan offer promotional Bulk SMS that can be used for Brand Promotion, Offers, product marketing, and generate leads.

How do I choose a Bulk SMS provider?

To choose the reliable bulk SMS service provider we should know a few factors about the SMS provider like what are the delivery rates, Do they provide both transactional and promotional route, how good is their support team, is their platform easy to use, are their customers happy with their platform and do they have API to integrate their platform to a website or an APP.

What is the best bulk SMS company to start with?

If you want to advertise your product for minimum charges and yet achieve maximum reach, then a Bulk SMS Service Provider should be just the right choice for you to proceed with. SMS is one of the most popular means of communication for this generation and thus, holds immense potential as a marketing tool. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone today.People are fine tuned to skip commercials on TV however interesting they may seem. SMSDukaan is the best bulk sms company in Delhi India


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“ I used their service and it was very good. Messages delivered instantly each and every time. ”

“ I have used SMS Services from different companies but SMS Dukaan is the best of all. ”

“ I highly recommend SMS Dukaan’s for their dedication towards customers and always ready to help nature. ”

“ SMS Dukaan offers good SMS and email services at very cheaper prices. Strongly recommended to others. ”

“ SMS Dukaan SMS software is the easiest to use software with variety of tools and complete analytics information. ”

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